Affirmations for early motherhood


This is a series of positive statements for new mothers to listen to during the early days of motherhood to increase feelings of calm, confidence and positivity.

Running Time: 5 minutes

Product Description

This affirmations track for early motherhood is a series of positive statements with relaxing music in the background. It is designed to help you feel calm and in control during through the early days of mothering. It offers a quick, straightforward way to access the power of positive programming and fill each day with strength and self-assurance. A simple habit of positive thought processes can help shift your mind-set, the more you hear the affirmations, the more you believe them. Have them on a loop and listen during your morning routine, with your baby or whenever you’re in need of a positive boost during your mothering journey. It is very short in length so it can also be listened to on the move and repeated as often as you like.

You can download this track to any device and begin listening straight away!

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