Autumn Family Empowerment – Anne Frank ‘Resilience’ Box


This little box of empowerment, inspired by Anne Frank, contains everything you need to strengthen your family’s resilience with fun, creative activities whilst learning about our heroine who was resilient in the face of adversity.

***Please note any orders after 25th Feb 2022 will be dispatched on 12th March 2022***

Product Description

Anne Frank was resilient in the face of extreme adversity and she teaches us that a positive attitude and feelings of gratitude have a big impact on how we experience life, regardless of the circumstances. The activities in this box will help you to explore your resilience as a family; create a resilience fortune-teller, try the ‘pebble in your shoe activity’, make a gratitude necklace, bracelet or jar and share the ration kit whilst feeling grateful for the food you have freely available. You can also take inspiration from Anne and start a diary and/or track your mood and create a list of what makes you happy in the health and happiness planner to help you ‘grow through what you go through’.

The activities are designed to do together as a family but if your children prefer to work independently you may prefer to order an additional box. Please enter how many children the box is for in the notes section at check-out otherwise the box will be prepared for two children.