Manage Anxiety Hypnosis Audio Track

Manage Anxiety Hypnosis Audio Track


This general relaxation track is suitable for anyone who would like to reduce stress and increase feelings of calm. It will help you to manage anxiety and support you to be in control of your responses during times of challenge.

Duration: 21 minutes

Product Description

This audio track will guide you on a journey to relaxation incorporating elements of mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help you manage anxiety and respond to any situation with calmness. It is non specific and can therefore be used by anyone for anything in life that they want to improve, not only mothers and pregnant women.

People have used the track successfully to help them feel calm during MRI scans or to cope with general feelings of anxiety, to aid feelings of being in control of how they respond to situations beyond their control.

You can download this track to any device and begin listening straight away! If you prefer a CD version of the track to play during an MRI scan please contact Ruth:

Unlimited downloads: 7 day expiry.