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Pregnancy Relaxation Track

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***FREE until 31st December 2021***

This pregnancy relaxation track gives you a taste of Hypnobirthing, helping you to bond and connect with your baby and enjoy a relaxed pregnancy.

Running Time: 15 minutes


Product Description

The soothing voice of Ruth Sabrosa guides you on a journey to relaxation, gradually switching off your busy conscious mind to improve communication with the subconscious. Your body and mind relax so you are open to the suggestions that prepare you for a positive birth experience.

Suitable for any stage of pregnancy. This track can be used alongside other Hypnobirthing tracks. I would recommend listening to a birth rehearsal track from around 30 weeks as well.

Please note that if you attend my Hypnobirthing course you will receive this track and the birth rehearsal as part of the course fee.

You can download it to any device and begin listening straight away!

Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy from Ruth Sabrosa Hypnobirthing


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