Relaxing Birth Music


Soothing nature sounds recorded by Toby Thirling and mixed with some beautiful music. This track will lull you into relaxation any time you hear it and is used by Ruth Sabrosa in all of her Hypnobirthing classes and recordings.

Running time: 40 mins

Product Description

This 40 minute track recorded and mixed by Toby Thirling perfectly combines the sounds of nature with peaceful music to soothe your mind and body during pregnancy and birth. You will be familiar with the music, having listened to Ruth Sabrosa’s hypnobirthing tracks and if you play this during your labour it will trigger a relaxation response and help with visualisation as it takes you on a journey through a world of calm and serenity.

This music may also be used for relaxation post-natally and even for calming your baby.

Please note that if you attend my Hypnobirthing course you will receive this track as part of the course fee.

You can download this track to any device and begin listening straight away!

Wishing you a peaceful birth from Ruth Sabrosa Hypnobirthing 🙂


1 download: 7 day expiry.