anne caesarean

Birth Rehearsal for Caesarean Birth


This track guides you through a caesarean birth, giving positive suggestions for before, during and after the procedure. You become familiar with the rehearsed responses so when you give birth all the techniques are in place and you can access your inner calm and have a positive experience.

Product Description

The soothing voice of Ruth Sabrosa guides you through a caesarean birth, helping you to connect with your baby and make peace with your decision. You will learn how to access your inner calm, how to manage your expectations and how to make the experience positive. There are specific suggestions to help you feel at ease before, during and after the operation and to promote healing and recovery.

Listen 3 times per week until you are approximately 38 weeks and then every day until the birth. You may also find it helpful to listen to this once with your eyes open and a notepad handy to write down any particular phrases you would like to remember for the birth or have your partner say to you.

You can download it to any device and begin listening straight away!

Happy Birthing from Ruth Sabrosa Hypnobirthing 🙂