Birthing Toolkit


Everything you need for the birth in a handy little bag!

The Birthing Toolkit contains eye mask, ear plugs, hair band, partner support cards, pukka tea bags, chocolate, eco-friendly bamboo straw, affirmation cards and a pulse point rollerball to help you through labour.

***Please note any orders after 25th Feb 2022 will be dispatched on 12th March 2022***

Product Description

Everything you need for the birth in a handy little bag.

The Birthing Toolkit contains:

  • Eye mask and ear plugs to help you block out distractions and stay focused and relaxed
  • Partner support cards with detailed info on how best to support the mum-to-be no matter how or where birthing takes place (Use your B.R.A.I.N.S and Follow your H.E.A.R.T)
  • Pukka tea bags and chocolate to emphasise the importance of eating and drinking during labour to maintain energy
  • Eco- friendly bamboo straw so you can drink easily from any upright position
  • Affirmation cards particularly useful to help you through transition
  • Pulse point rollerball to use when listening to your Hypnobirthing tracks as well as during labour to trigger the relaxation response and help you access your inner calm.


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