Birthing Pool Hypnobirthing Workshop

Hypnobirthing Workshop MP3s


Once you have completed Ruth Sabrosa’s Hypnobirthing workshop you can download the MP3 bundle which includes your birth preparation track, affirmations and relaxing birth music using your unique coupon code.

Product Description

Congratulations on completing the workshop. Here you will find your MP3 bundle which includes:

Birth Preparation track for Hospital/ Birth centre or Home Birth:

Listen 3 times per week until you are approximately 38 weeks and then every day until the birth. This will guide you through the birth giving positive suggestions for each stage of labour and enabling you to access your inner calm. You may also find it helpful to listen to this once with your eyes open and a notepad handy to write down any particular phrases you would like to remember for the birth or have your partner say to you.

Relaxing Birth Music:

This is the same music that is in the background of the tracks. Listen to this during the birth to trigger the relaxation response.

Affirmations track to listen during the birth or on the move to increase your trust and confidence in your body.

The best time to listen to the tracks is during the day if possible or at a time when you would not normally be going to sleep. Once you are comfortable listening at home you may also like to try listening somewhere else where you can practise zoning out (i.e park bench, tube, somewhere where everyday life is going on around you.)

Please note that all of these tracks are also available as single product downloads but you receive them for free when you attend the workshop.

1 Downloads over seven days