Mindful Mothering Meditation


Awarded JUNO Magazine’s Best Buy in support for Mothers. This track is like a Hypnobirthing for Motherhood. Finally a relaxation track for mothers at any stage in their mothering journey. This recording allows you that little time to yourself to help find calm amongst the chaos, learn mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques to be more present and calm in any situation.

“This track turns me into the calm, composed parent I want to be every time I listen to it. It should be on every mum’s playlist.” Ann Nkun

Duration: 28 minutes

Product Description

This Mindful Mothering recording will guide you on a journey to relaxation incorporating elements of mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help you let go of concerns, control how you respond to your children, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence in your mothering abilities. It is designed to give you some time out to care for yourself as well as your children because you are important too and your mothering is valued.

It is suitable for mothers of any age children.

You can download this track to any device and begin listening straight away!

Please do not listen to this track whilst driving.

Unlimited downloads: 7 day expiry.


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