Spring Family Empowerment Box – Ingeborg Beling


This little box of empowerment inspired by Chronobiologist, Ingeborg Beling ,contains everything you need to learn about and protect the bees whilst ‘beelieving’ in yourselves. Make a beeswax wrap, a seed ball,chocolate honeycomb, a bee life-cycle and origami bee whilst enjoying small and wild company tea. Box also includes a bee identification guide, incense and holder and affirmation to colour. 10% of profits will support ‘Friends of the Earth’

Product Description

The activities in this box are inspired by Ingeborg Beling, one of the world’s first female Chronobiologists. You can make a beeswax wrap (or vegan alternative), create a seed ball or simply plant the wildflower seeds to attract bees and then identify the different species that visit with the identification card. You can also make your own chocolate honeycomb, younger children can create the life cycle of a bee and older children can make an origami bee. Finally you can light the incense cone on the wooden round and enjoy colouring-in whilst remembering to always ‘bee’lieve in yourself and follow your own inner rhythms just like the bees. The more time we dedicate to protecting the many species on Earth, the more we can learn about all living things and ourselves. 10% of proceeds from this box will support ‘Friends of the Earth’ in their quest to save the bees and protect the Earth.

The activities are designed to do together as a family but if your children prefer to work independently you may prefer to order an additional box. Please enter how many children the box is for in the notes section at check-out and also if you require the vegan option.

Additional beeswax kits can be purchased from the sage seal company who provided the beeswax and vegan alternative for these boxes.